What makes The Golf Academy at Persimmon Ridge  an unique learning environment for those that want to play better golf, regardless of age or ability, and get the most out of your game?  Unlike traditional golf instruction which generally consists of a “Pro” over your shoulder telling you what to do, searching for a perfect position or creating an optimal number for you on a launch monitor in a controlled setting; our team approach focuses on much more than that as we challenge your skills by having to execute a shot on the course under our supervision.  With a team of coaches that have competed and coached students at the highest levels in golf competition we understand that your skills have to translate from the practice range to the golf course and we believe that is learned best by playing! We absolutely believe that individual training and repetition practice are beneficial but being able to validate your skills, in front of your peers and coaches, will without a doubt accelerate a students’ development. Contact any member of the TGA Instructional Staff if you are ready to get better.