Post Graduate Program

Post Grad Programs are Coached by

Cory Kaufman

This program is designed for the player who wants to improve their college selection. The player will take a full college class schedule and work on their game. This really helps the player get used to balancing the college life and golf.

Two two hour practice sessions a week, Weekly on course instruction, Bi-monthly tournaments,  Use of SAM PuttLab, Gears Golf, Flightscope, Trackman, Aimpoint Green Reading, The Focus Band, Birdiefire Stats, Edufii, Eight sessions with Betty Kregor,Tournament Scheduling, College Advising, Academic Advising, DISC Personality Profiling, Mental Game Performance, Two club-fitting sessions, The Golf Academy golf bag, The Golf Academy hats.


Post Graduate Program

$7,000 Per Year or $1,875 Per 3 Months