• TGA On Leaderboards Everywhere

    TGA On Leaderboards Everywhere

    Congratulations to all of our TGA student-athletes who competed in tournaments this past weekend as well as to Clay Amlung, Frankie Morgan and Grace Walker for getting their first win of the year!  Winning golf tournaments are a difficult challenge, there is only 1 champion, and is only learned through a process of putting yourself into a position to do so.  The true growth of your tournament golf game is if you can continue to improve on your process for making your best swings and better your weaknesses before the next event. Regardless of your finish, by embracing your process and working to get better, is how you give yourself the best opportunity to have that winning putt and be the 1 on top of that leaderboard.




  • Smart, Safe & Solid Golf

    Smart, Safe & Solid Golf

    Good luck to all of our TGA student-athletes competing this weekend on junior tours throughout the state.  It is important to know that your training, preparation and willingness to improve your skill sets, through purposeful practice sessions, is an advantage in tournament play.  There will always be a challenging moment during a round, or a must make shot, and you wil make a decisive decision and execute with 100% commitment. Trust the process and have fun!



  • TGA #TBT

    TGA #TBT

    The world's best players are in Austin, TX this week for the Match Play Championship at Austin Country Club. There have been many great players that have teed it up in Austin as a member of the University of Texas Longhorn golf team member but these two are local legends.  Both Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite grew up in Austin, learning the game ever from famed instructor Harvey Penick, and competed against each other in junior golf before joining the UT golf team as teammates prior to both playing on the PGA Tour.  Ben went on to win 2 green jackets with his silky putting green stroke and natural playing ability while Tom used his notorious work ethic and course management skills to win a US Open Championship at Pebble Beach GC.  It is pretty neat to know that their friendship was built in  junior golf, under competition of trying to beat the other, and ultimately providing the blueprint the for their many successes on golf's biggest stages. 



  • Winning!


    Congratulations to Drew Wallace for being the first of our middle school group to win the big bag of sour gummies for his play this past weekend!  We have a feeling that this group of boys definitely have a sweet tooth for winning and definitely stocking up on our supplies for the tournament season.

    #GummyTime #victoryissweet

  • TGA Leaderboard Update

    TGA Leaderboard Update

    A great weekend of golf played by many of our TGA student-athletes both regionally & nationally!  Congrats to all those who played in the championship matches of the MKGT Match Play Championship held at Seneca GC in the opening event of the year.  We hope that everyone gained some knowledge of their current golf game and use it as motivation to improve your practice sessions for upcoming events. Who's ready to be next on the board?



  • TGA #TBT

    TGA #TBT

    There has been no one who has done more for the game of golf than Arnold Palmer. Playing at a time when TV was revolutionizing the American household, "The King" was exactly what the game needed at that time.  Golf has always been historically viewed as a sport with the silver spoon, an exclusive game for few, but Arnold was the regular guy who looked to make it inclusive of the masses. His bold play, the pant hitch and hit, and willingness to go for any shot created a fan base that at the time was unique to golf (think Happy Gilmore) and became known as Arnie's Army. Much will be said over the next few days about Mr. Palmer over the tournament coverage this week, but it needs to be noted that his Army was instrumental to the growth of the game. Arnie's Army was the generation who looked to build municipal courses in their communities allowing the public to play the game and learning the values of the sport. Thank you to all that have served and continue to do so!

    "Critics who have said a safer shot here or there would undoubtedly have won me a few more tournaments are probably correct. Going for the green in two was who I was as a boy - and it's who I remain as a man."               Arnold Palmer

  • The King

    The King

    As the PGA Tour tees off in this week in chilly Orlando, FL, there will be 1 giant of the game missing behind the 18th green, Mr. Arnold Palmer.  The annual tour stop at Bay Hill GC has always attracted the world's best players as they prepare for the seasons first major (just 19 days until The Masters) but this year it will have even more meaning.  With this year being the first time the tournament has been played, since his passing to the green fairways in heaven, and will surely provide not only an exciting week of golf but an emotional week as well.  It goes without saying that his presence will be felt, many of the field will be wearing the iconic Palmer umbrella, and the stories of his success on the golf course, business and life are something that serve as inspiration for all that love the game.

    "You must play body to win." - Arnold Palmer 

  • Congratulations Colby!

    Congratulations Colby!

    Congrats to TGA Player Development Director for being selected as the KPGA 2017 Youth Development Award winner!  This is the 2nd year in a row that Colby has been recognized by his peers as someone who excels in promoting the game of golf and mentoring juniors in our TGA programs. Great job CW!